Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Sweet Reward

     Lets face facts, life is nothing more than a constant stream of comparisons.  Good times are only good because there are bad times to be had.  If nothing bad ever happened they would just be called the times.  This works both ways, mind you, If it werent for those pesky moments that make us so darn happy, we wouldnt know how bad things could get.  That being said, I would like to say that everything is done for the reward, whether that be eating to stop being hungry, helping others to feel good, or catching a bandit for that money, you are all just looking to make things better in some way for yourself.  I know reward and I know what Im after - Ice cream.
     Now, I cant speak for everyone but sometimes a man has to put an object just out of reach and force himself to hold back until such a desire is earned.  This pedestal, trophy, icon of all that is good might as well be as simple as a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream on a hot day, in the middle of the desert, all because you earned it.
     The rules were simple.  I set a goal weight that I wanted to achieve and I told myself that when I lost ten pounds toward this goal I would allow myself desert.  Not just any desert, Im talking a sweet, creamy, delicious milk shake prepared by hand in my local dining hall.  Now Ive been hard at work and I have been really good at not sneaking this delicious treat all while sticking to my work out regime.  It consisted of going to the gym twelve times a week, twice a day for six days.
     Every day from about 1100-1200 my workout buddy and I would hit the gym hard for some weight lifting, focusing on one or two muscle groups, then going back to the gym from 2000-2100 (8-9pm) for some intense cardio using the INSANITY program.  This has given us some pretty good results.  At the time of writing this I have been in country for about 36 days and Ive been on this program for about 32 days.  As of this morning I weighed myself at thirteen pounds lighter than when I got here.
     It basically comes down to a lot of work and determination.  I just set my mind to a task and saw it done.  The results are already showing themselves as I am thinner looking and becoming more defined.  The real goal will be to keep this going for the remaining eight months that I will be here.  Personally, I have nothing else to do besides work out, so Im not rubbing this in anyone's face.  The point Im trying to make is that I am working hard, sticking to my goals, and today I ended dinner with a milkshake that I absolutely deserved.

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