Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Think About it...

I would like to tell you a short story. This will not be a story like the ones you have heard before. There will be no noble knight, no dashing spy, and no unlikely hero who time itself has chosen to risk their life for the greater good. No, this is the story about a boy named Dave.

Dave spends every day watching those around him. He need only look out his window and he can see them, all around. The most common sight are the flyers. These people need no wings or planes, yet they move gracefully and quickly through the air with no effort at all. Another popular ability is exhibited in the Strong-Ones. these people can lift enormous weight even though they are of normal build and normal height. Among the remaining people are the psychics who can read minds and those who can breath under water. Everyone could do something. Every one except Dave.

Dave has no power. This is because Dave has something that no one else has, Dave has the truth. The truth stumbled upon Dave in the form of a book, which was discovered in a box in the woods. This book changed his life forever; it explained everything. You see, it all starts at birth. The child is reported as well as the names and abilities of the parents. A few months later, a card arrives with the childs future power. For the next fourteen years the parents regail the child with stories of what to expect. They let him play with others who will hold that power and on the their 14th birthday, the child wakes up and has a new power and a new life.

The book made it so clear. The human brain is a magnificent thing. It can mimic pain and joy when there is neither, placebos are able to make your mind create symptoms when all is well, it can even kill itself if it is made to believe it must. With enough stimulus it can even make you fly. Why not? If a child knew, absolutely knew, that he would have a power when he was fourteen, and didn't know other wise, why wouldnt he? The brain will make it real because thats all it knows.

Dave understood all too well. He is now seventeen. He was supposed to fly.

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