Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kuwait or Bust

I like this page of mine and even though Ive been a poor writer these past few... mumble mumble... I still enjoyed the existence of my dear Beer, Food, and philosophy.  I have decided Ill use this as my public platform to keep you all informed about my whereabouts (a highly desired bit of knowledge to be sure)

I have recently deployed to the fine country of Kuwait.  Kuwait, as Im sure you all know is a small country smack dab in the CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION!  I know, youre all very excited.  Read a bible sometime, Moses could have lived here.  I dont know, Im no scholar.

So I got the PRIVILEGE to fly here on my day, the one day that facebook overflows with notifications and I am the coolest kid in town.  Thats right, the Army decided my birthday was a fitting departure date.  Army gives the worst presents.  Combine that with a delayed flight and 15 hours of flying and you have yourself a dream birthday indeed.

Kuwait has laid out the red carpet, for sure.  It made sure to show off its high temperature with a ballsy 120 degree day.  Impressive.  They have agreed to let us see this and temperatures like it for the foreseeable future.  What good pals.  My room is a comfortable loft style tent big enough for me and 49 of my closest friends.  I have the top bunk.

The base here may not be my ideal situation but it is now home for the next 9 months, so no need to complain.  The food is not bad, at least.  The portions are large and the options are many.  They even serve food at midnight.  Thats right, midnight chow, I have truly brought this cash cow in and quickly got punished for my poor use of cows.  Oh wait, wrong religion.  Im not paid for my joking prowess.

So there you have it.  Day 2 is almost at an end and if this country offers something to write about, I will make sure to record the memory here.


  1. Good... good... Then I shall be aware of your goings on. Hopefully you have access to xbox? I'll assume yes, because WHY WOULDN'T YOU. Kuwait still believes in satellites, right?

    1. No xbox, I mean, I might have it later but I wont be online. Sorry friend.. Start up 2 or 3 internet risks. Ill be slow to play (like once a day) but It will entertain me all the same.