Friday, June 29, 2012

One day at a time

     The position I find myself in is not one of choice.  I cant help my location or the time I have to spend here, so I might as well make a goal.  Any hobby or activity can be used to pass the time, but Im going to pick one that everyone else seems to pick, but Im not looking at that like a bad thing.  Ive decided to spend nine months working on my health and fitness.  I have 38 weeks to be here total and I have decided I want to lose 30 lbs.
     Its a big number for sure, but what else do I have to do.  If youre like me, youve already done the math and seen that its less than a pound a week.  When you say it like that it doesnt sound bad at all.  I just need to  have a little diligence and mind my diet. Now there is the problem.
     I dont know what it is about deployment but we get the sweet deal when it comes to food.  I wouldnt say our quality goes up but the quantity does for sure.  All the dining facilities (Dfacs) are civilian run, so they dont care how much you eat.  Three scoops of white, two of brown, two slices of beef AND a chicken breast?  Too easy.  So how is one supposed to curb their appetite when such a feast is offered four times a day?  It wont be easy, it means leaving food on your plate which any soldier will tell you is not a part of training.
     I am also setting reasonable expectations.  I want to increase my workouts with my abs and in cardio training.  I want to tighten this stomach of mine and sweat out what I want to lose.  Lifting weights is a big part of my routine, but I am not interested in getting bigger.  Its time to tone and when will I have more time than nine months in the desert?
     My favorite work out tool so far?  TREADWALL.  Its a rockwall on a rotating course so you can climb forever.  It works with body weight so the speed is regulated.  If you think this sounds easy, youve never gone climbing.  I find myself falling off it after 5 minutes or so, panting and sweating.  Do that three times and you wont have much left.
     Your body is yours to master.  Its not easy to change your lifestyle but nothing good has ever come easy. Ive been at this for two weeks now and lost three pounds.  so far so good.  I need to get a steady workout schedule and start cutting back on what I eat, but I think I will hit my goal easily and when I come home I will be in the best shape of my life.  All it takes is a plan and the will to do it.  Maybe this will be easier than I thought.

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