Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Razor Thin Line...

I just made a great Clam Chowder. It was thick. It was creamy. It was flavorful and meaty; everything a clam chowder should be. The truth is that I never made a clam chowder before. I am ever growing in my culinary talents and some stones are still being turned. For instance, I have made Rues for gravy but I have never made one for soup. I was scared, I was nervous. I watched it bubble on the stove like a hawk. As Ive said, Ive done it before, but never for a soup. What if I messed it up?

The rue was fine, of course, the soup delicious, the dinner complete. I know what your thinking. If I never made one before, how did my clam chowder turn out so well. Ill tell you.

It was stolen.

I went online, I found a recipe, and I made something I have never made before. I didn't tell people I made someone else's soup, I told them it was mine. Home made. Did I lie? Truth is, I actually used two extra slices of bacon, an extra potato, and removed the onion from the original recipe. I also changed the spices. So, if the difference between two peoples recipe can be a secret ingredient, then how do we define ownership? The fact is that when it comes to a recipe, there is no owner. I changed it, I own it. The moment I deviated even a spice or two I took it for my own.

That's the power of creativity. Why say 'yes' to anything handed to you. Take the frame, use the advice, but in the end its you that makes your world special. If you like spicy, make spicy. You don't have to follow every direction to the letter. Get out there and make your life something that you can enjoy. Make it unique. Just like you.

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