Sunday, September 6, 2009

Like a Pheonix We Rise...

Summer is noticeably coming to its chilly end. The Days of heat, although relatively few these past months (where I live, at least,) are dwindling to cool afternoons and great "picnic" weather. The life of the world is being reflected all around me.

As I look out into my yard, I see what is becoming of my garden. The once bushy, lush, green patch out my door is becoming thin and sickly. The Tomato plants which once stood as six foot ever mindful monitors of the life developing within its caged walls now fall over and become brown as the last of the fruit it produces is plucked from it by my hand or by ground hog. The zucchini plants which disappointed me are shrinking and you can see that their time is coming to an end. My garden, synonymous with the attitude of nature is smiling its last smile, producing its last effort to prolong itself through seeds, and bidding a fond farewell.

The truth is that that garden will never be there again. Those plants die and the dirt changes and even if I mimic it next year, the garden I have this year will be gone forever. Like these plants, humans too wake up day after day, year after year, and look at themselves in the mirror and see the same face they saw yesterday. This face, however, is not the face they had a birth.

So when did we change?

We can see that we are as gardens. same body, same parts, and same scheme as we have always had, yet we change and that's all there is to it. I am not the man I was when I was 10, so I must have changed along the way. Its best to embrace the things we have now and look foreword to the changes of the future. It will make everything easier if we allow the "new" to enter us and embrace it as if it were a long lost friend.

I have noticed change in my life; I am now an uncle to a healthy happy young boy. I was not an uncle a few days ago, but now my life has changed forever. I didn't even feel it happen.

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